Partner to Success – where am I right now?

John Thornhill’s Partner to Success programme covers a 12-month period, and is done in weekly parts. Right now I am at week number 5.

Something I used to do was to always be looking ahead. Of course we need to know where we are going, but I feel that once the destination has been determined then just crack on and do what is needed to get there. That little gem only took me over 60 years to accept and implement!!!

So although I know what John’s programme will do for me, my focus is on each week’s training and of course, taking the necessary and appropriate actions.

Even so, I have hit a few problems and have had to fight off that familiar feeling of becoming daunted. But I am making progress.

“Getting things done” has become a kind of new mantra in my life since the cancer scare. Now I’ve retired from employment my list of things to enjoy with the rest of my life has just grown and grown!

My son and I have this business we are building. Who knows where we can take it? But we are both excited by the prospect of the kind of life and future that we feel is more suitable for us and our family.

to be continued…

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