Choose an Expert – follow a Plan.

There are many successful and extremely good internet marketers out there. The industry has been going long enough now to establish a hierarchy of who’s who.

Through my journey I consider there to be several marketers with whom I have an affinity. We are all different characters, so it is inevitable that we’ll gravitate to different experts and those who have achieved success.

Giving it a great deal of thought, we wanted to develop a solid base and structure for our business right from the outset. Our initial concentration is on Affiliate Marketing (recommending other people’s products and services), but a little further down the road we would like to have a go at developing our own products. I have to admit that this does cause some fluttering in the belly, but hey! we are just getting started.

I made the decision to be taken under the wing of John Thornhill and his Partnership To Success programme.

John is British and has been in the internet marketing game for quite some time. He is very successful, respected and has trained many successful students. Jacob and I are taking on board what John has to offer and there is something rather comforting about travelling a road that someone else has successfully travelled, and having that someone to fall back on.


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