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Partner to Success – where am I? part 2

Most of what we do in life can be daunting to some degree. If it’s something new or something we may have tried before and perhaps it didn’t go too well, or we made an utter balls of it. And so to this business of ours. As stated I am at week 5 which is…

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Partner to Success – where am I right now?

John Thornhill’s Partner to Success programme covers a 12-month period, and is done in weekly parts. Right now I am at week number 5. Something I used to do was to always be looking ahead. Of course we need to know where we are going, but I feel that once the destination has been determined…

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Choose an Expert – follow a Plan.

There are many successful and extremely good internet marketers out there. The industry has been going long enough now to establish a hierarchy of who’s who. Through my journey I consider there to be several marketers with whom I have an affinity. We are all different characters, so it is inevitable that we’ll gravitate to…

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